Looking for a Bitch(Details below)

I’ve been looking for an OP8 Slag Bitch for weeks now. Then I saw something about these forums so I thought I’d ask on here. So has anyone got one?

If you go to the main BL2 section, there is a separate Trading section for each platform.


PC, PS3, PS4, 360, or X1?

Let me know which so I can get you to the appropriate trade section.

PC, Sorry I never posted in the right section, I’m new to these forums

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No worries. Got you moved.

If nobody can help you, there’s nothing for it but to keep farming while the rates are up. Good luck!

Do you have something to trade? Or do you want the bitch for free?

I moved a post to an existing topic: Thou shalt not dupe

I’m always looking for legendary classmods lvl 61, 72 or op8. Also I could need some more fibbers and pimpernelles with good stats

Meiy ~

P.S.: I never dupe items.

What classmods? And I will not dupe if you don’t want me too

At the moment I would prefer an op8 legendary hoarder but in the end I’d take every mod.


I have most legendary OP8 mods for siren and commando

Just add me on steam.
ID: meiyouan

Are you still looking for class mods? I have four for Gaige and one for Sal (I don’t remember the name right now). All are OP 6-8.