Looking for a Bladed Grog Nozzle

I really want it for my Melee Zer0 build since it is pretty much essential at op8. I don’t really have too much in return that people would probably want but I really don’t care about the level the Grog Nozzle is at.

I think the grog nozzle is a mission item so you trade it

There was a day during the big loot hunt a couple years ago where one of the enemies actually dropped level specific Grogs. You are right though otherwise.

I have one if you still need it my gamer tag is EAssassinA

That would be great! I’ll be on later my name is NissanZaxima thank you so much!

Was wondering if you guys still had the evisceration grog? would like to pick on up for my zero… thanks

I have a bladder grog I never use. You can have it. I don’t need anything in return. Gamer tag ItsMrDeath2You.

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Thanks man! I’ll add you and hit you up sometime this weekend !!