Looking for a Build - Details inside

after messing around with some characters and mainly gaige.
i find out that i like the Siren A lot!

Im trying to find a build that will make her flexible for all situations

a build around the Cat COM but i dont want to use the Bee 100% of the time .
id like to use things like Evolution/Antagonist/Blockade for normal mobbing - lets say farming tubbies / doing missions at OP8 / LLM / Digi Runs and such

and i want to use the “BEEHAWK” only for Raid bosses and bosses like OMGWTH / Dukinos Mom and such

i want to be able to Snipe from far aswell and Slag Enemies if possible without Magic Missles or Slagga

so here’s what i thought gear related

Sandhawks - Fire/Shock/Corrosive - Flying Prefix - Dhal Grip
Pimpernel’s - Fire/Shock/Corrosive - Barking Prefix - Maliwan grip -Jakobs Stock if possible
Bone of the ancient Relics - Shock Fire Corrosive
Shields - Bee and probably Blockade/Evolution
Grenade - probably Chain Lighting/Storm front - maybe Magic Missles ? not sure how fast i can slag enemies with Phaselock

Pistols-Grog Nozzle? , DPUH - i was thinking about using DPUH as a backup strong weapon! - lets say Sniper is not effective wherer i am and my SMG ammo ran out because its my main damage output - i want to use a strong Pistol like the DPUH for those moments! - maybe even use it for FFYL ? sandhawk/pimpernels are not the best way to get up in FFYL and using Norfleets is something id like to AVOID <

now regarding healing - i want to use Grog Only for Raid bosses that require it
i want to survive without this gun so i was thinking about using 5points in Sweet Release so i can heal my self and my friends if im playing CO OP - also might put a point in Ress if im doing CO OP

Any thoughts ?

EDIT- this is the build i have in mind

Is this a solo build, or are you going co-op as well? If the later, then I would consider finding a point for Res at least. I’d also want to find a point for Cloud Kill, which got a major buff in the last game update.

I know a lot of folks love Sub-Sequence, but I got a little frustrated with it either failing to find a target or locking onto an inconvenient one. I’d rather have a predictable (i.e. my choice!) PL with a rapid cool-down than use sub-sequence.

Im not sure why but i was sure that CLoudkill got a NERF! So i ignored it.
Helios will be 4/5 and Cloudkill gets a point

and if i want to use Ress i can take 1 point out of Sweet release and use Res

now you say you dont like Sub-sequence - which skill u think can replace it ? becaise i found nothing that worth.

I went a bit different route and took Scorn in the centre. Reasoning: if you’re relying on PL for slagging, and you don’t go sub-sequence, then you need a slag tool for those instances when PL is in (brief) cool down. I would suggest you play around with your modified build and see if you like it first, though. As I said, a lot of people love Sub-Sequence; I just happen not to, as it doesn’t suit the way I play the game. The other thing is that it isn’t terribly useful for raid bosses, but then a number of Maya’s skills are inefficient on that score so I would not consider it a real deal-breaker.

thanks m8 : )
got any thoughts about the gear i suggest?

I run a Bee /Sandhawk combo for Pyro Pete. Otherwise, Antagonist/Blockade and whatever I feel like using. With the Cat COM, SMGs are obviously preferred, and there are lots of good choices besides the Sandhawk. I mostly use Quasar because I have yet to score a Chain Lightning. For healing, Good Touch, Bad Touch, and Rubi are all options if you don’t want to rely on the Grog. I also keep a Heartbreaker somewhere on board. TBH there’s so much good gear around, the best advice is to try stuff out and see if it suits your play-style. Maya is an absolute monster with a full skill-point build!

Have you looked at this post?

Thanks for the tips but unless mistaken the sand hawk is too much op compared to other SMG’s

i hope sweet release will be good source of healing in mobbing so i wont rely on grog unless its raids

thanks ill check this thread as well

It also has a particular fire pattern gimmick and, unless you are extremely patient or the RNG is uncharacteristically nice to you, it can be hard to get one in both the right element and with the “Flying” prefix. Which means that there are in fact multiple other possibilities to explore, depending on what you want to do. For example, sometimes you want to make sure that ALL your projectiles hit their target - easy with the Sandhawk on larger enemies at close to mid range, but harder on smaller, fast moving enemies. Don’t get me wrong, I have a shock Sandhawk on my Maya, and I would not want to try and take on Pyro Pete with anything else (for the shield part anyway). But there are plenty of other great weapons, and it would be a real shame not to at least try them!

i jist figured the same! ^^

got any ideas which smg’s i can try that are easy to obtain?

I highly recommend @Derch 's youtube channel where he goes through all kinds of builds and gear for Maya, including SMG’s. I personally like Plasma Casters, including the Florentine (Seraph version of same), which is an easy farm as it’s from a vendor. Many people like the Bitch with her, as well, trickier farm as the Bunker requires patience (though it’s an easy kill). Tattler is also quite strong, really pick your strong SMG in the game and it’s good with Maya.

Most mobbing builds revolve around some version of Derch’s Twisted Pimp build, or a Subsequence based build, like what I run. Subsequence builds work better with the Leg Binder mod because of the boost to phaselock duration and the cooldown boost, but you can use the Cat COM with either build. You don’t have to spec exactly into either, as Maya’s main skils are common to most mobbing builds. Accelerate doesn’t work well with some guns with bullet split (Bekah, Pimpernel for example) and I don’t know if it does much for high fire rate, fast projectile SMG’s like casters so Inertia is better in those situations. If you don’t take subsequence, you can take the awesome skill Life Tap, as Ruin is an OP8 necessity, unless you are going for something really out there. That means you might as well go down to Scorn, as well, which can be used to slag in FFYL to avoid having to switch weapons. I find Sustenance better than Elated because it’s always on, but both are useful though not critical. Mind’s Eye doesn’t do much, so is optional. Cloud Kill is now properly balanced at OP8 so you want a point in it. I don’t find Flicker to be that useful as Maya has high elemental chances anyway, so might as well go with Helios which causes some damage. Res is a co-op game changer, but not necessary in solo of course.

I suggest doing some searches on the forums, as most of these topics have been discussed a bit, but I love playing Maya, so always happy to break down more about her builds and gear. Edit: In terms of Leg mods, the Leg Siren is the most popular because of the terrific card boosts, plus her first row skills are quite strong including the “hidden” DPS boost with the bigger mag size in Foresight. The Leg Binder is normally used with subsequence builds because it’s basically designed for that build. I don’t like the Cat for normal play because I like shotguns and the Bekah too much, but it’s perfectly viable with its excellent boosts. I normally just use it for beehawking bosses like everyone else :slight_smile:

thanks for this amazing comment
i will farm everything possible and hopefully ill be able to test all kind of weapons and builds
im sure ill find something i like :slight_smile:
i saw some of derch videos while searching youtube
its time i sub cause hes videos awesome !

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On Helios vs flicker for me it’s sub sequence or not. Since Helios comes before ruin it’s not slagged but if you have SS then usually you can get a few slagged ones off making it better. Also as far as I can tell flicker helps scorn so if you are going scorn flicker is worth it

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not sure im going with Scorn
as im more into the Cat COM

Yeah with your build Helios is better because ss

That makes sense, and I wouldn’t have thought of that because I normally go with a subsequence build, so I don’t spec into Scorn much unless I’m mixing things up. I was also thinking more in terms of why the Leg Binder and Leg Siren are more useful than the Leg Cat, besides the obvious that the Cat only applies to SMG’s.

Most Maya players want to be all phaselocking all the time and with a Subsequence build, you have the boost from the Binder card plus Quicken. With a Leg Siren mod, you have the larger boost from the card. I don’t know how Quicken relates to the card boost exactly (is it 30% of the base skill or 30% of the modded base skill after the card boost), but either way with the Leg Cat you aren’t taking Quicken usually because if you were doing Subsequence you’d be using a Binder, and without Subseq, it would make more sense to Life Tap and Scorn. That doesn’t mean the Cat isn’t a viable choice of course, because it’s boosts are very good, as are SMG’s, but I was just thinking through why it would make more sense generally to use a Leg Siren or Leg Binder.

i need to check the siren com
it seems cat is more damage related but i like the idea of phaselocking almost instantly

but on the other hand ss should help phaselocking most enemies

Well the legendary Cat not only has the massive SMG damage boost but also it boosts 5 DPs skills with reaper, wreck, minds eye, accelerate, and foresight.

With that com you do want to get quicken since it doesn’t have cool down. Quicken and a bone does pretty well for cool down.

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I realize the CAT is a DPS monster, but I also recall from your videos that Mind’s Eye and Accelerate are not always the most useful. Additionally for mobbing, that much DPS can be overkill. If you were maxing out DPS with that setup, you’d only have one point for Life Tap if you went 5/5 for Quicken, would you go for 4/5 there and 2/5 in Life Tap? It seems like you are giving up quite a bit for extra damage that you might not need, given how strong SMG’s are anyway. Then again, I’ve never run heavily with a Cat for mobbing… The build above shows Subsequence involved, which is fine, but without a boosted Suspension you’re not getting as many enemies per phaselock, but maybe the heavier DPS and thus quicker kill on each enemy makes up for giving up the longer phaselock…Dunno I guess I’m just speculating without any experimentation to back it up

i just saw derch video explaining the overkill dps
so my idea is to give up grog and put only few points in some of the Cat com boosted skills
so i can get sweet release and life tap

edit: hmmm it seems life tap require investing in some other skills that im not sure how useful they are