Looking for a bunch, includes list of what I have

Monarchs with Element 100% Next 2 Mags or Consecutive Hits
Old god with 50% ASE matching element
Frozen Heart with ASS
One-Shotter shield
Fish Slap with ASE 50% damage annoint
Good elemental projector artifact
Good ghast call
A GOOD peregrine class mod (I farmed benedict for 2-3 hours and only got 3 terrible ones :p)

Meme build items I want:
Cutsman with 200% splash damage
Front loader or recharger with ASE apply terror
Urad flipper
Whispering ice w/ ASE regen 1 grenade or 150% grenade damage
Elemental projector artifact with 63% mag size or grenade synergy

Maggie with 100% ASE corrosive
Hellshock with 100% ASE radiation
Corrosive Pat mk3 with exit iron bear 125% fire damage
Redudant Face-puncher phaseslam 200% melee damage increase
2 different stop-gap with ASS 5 seconds invinicibility
Devoted with ASE 200% splash damage
2 Jackhammer with consecutive hits
Soulrender with ASE next 2 mags Radiation damage
Rad laser-Sploder with ASE 200% splash damage
Corrossive trevenator with ASE 200% shock damage
Binary insider with ASE 200% splash damage
Conferance call urad
Scourage urad
Prompt critical with ASE 125% damage to bosses
Maggie with ASE 100% rad damage next two mags
Hyperfocus with 300% damage after phaseslam
Brainstormer with 100 SNTNL cryo damage
Prompt Critical ASE with 125% weapon damage to badasses

Front loader with ASE 50% cryo
Blast master with +5 Vampyr
Muse with 33% dahl reload speed/40% smg damage/33% vladof weapon reload speed
Flare with 32% weapon damage/25% reload speed
Flare with +3 green skill (whatever it is)
Cloning maddening frag grenade with terror damage/fire rate
Hunter seeker with after reloading, consume terror and create a cryo nova
Friendbot with +5 barbaric yawp
Last stand loaded dice with 12% movement speed/62% mag size/33% weapon accuracy

Also, I know it’s kind of weird, but I only want weapons that weren’t duped (unless it’s a fish slap)
Thanks in advance :slight_smile: