Looking for a bunch

LV 53 only

ION Cannons X2 for Gamma Burst, SNTNL Cryo, 160 Bear Splash, 125% Splash Damage

Infinity Pistols Gamma Burst, SNTNL Cryo, 100% ASE

Kyb’s Worth X3 Bear Splash, 125% Splash, 100% ASE, Gamma Burst, SNTNL Cryo

Artifacts with at least Mag Size

Flesh Melter, Cutpurse, Last Stand, Deathless

Flesh Melter, Last Stand, Snowdirft, Cutpurse, Ice Breaker, Atom Balm Otto Idol or Victory Rush

Last Stand Loaded Dice with Mag Size and HP Regen

Have accumulated a fair amount over the last week and would like to trade for any of these.


I have the infinity gamma burst do you have it s piss 25 ogt?

Yes I have it’s piss OGT

PSN jorgeammo

fr sent RHAAAALoovely

You have the R4kk p4k?

A bunch of them at LV 50