Looking for a co-op buddy!

Want to at least get the co-op trophies but maybe more to just level and play with!

PSN: nicoBICO_

Lmk somehow that you’re from gearbox forums or something.

I will probably be able to play with you. I am currently levelling up a salvador, he is around level 48 .

Since my post I did the co-op achievement. If you need it I’m sure to help. Still need help with doing rounds of slaughter and terramorphus. Lvl 49 gunzerker tryna 100% the game add me! :slight_smile:

Haven’t unlocked terra mission yet tho

psn: nicobico_

I have a level 50 Mechromancer that I have been trying to find someone to play with, currently doing a true vault hunter mode play through, just been looking for someone to help defeat the raid bosses for those trophies.

yea man I’m down lvl 51 gunzerker be happy to help defeat the raid bosses I gotta do those too!

tryna kill voracidous and other raid bosses if y’all wanna add me it’s not nicoBICO_ anymore it’s nicocissistic