Looking for a co op partner or 2 to play new characters with

Yo I’m looking for some co op partner or 2 to play new characters with I have 2 level 72’s and really want to level up a zerker or mechro (allready started both but their so low level it won’t matter if I start a new game) so if your interested please pm my psn GiantChoco also a mic would be nice and make it more fun and please don’t ditch other then that just be nice so yeah if your interested just pm me :slight_smile:

Btw I’ll probably pick zerker but maybe I’ll pick mechro

No one so far :confused:

What time zone are you in? What times do you play?
I would happily play co-op with you. I currently have a level 42 psycho and 54 mechro to level up.
I do have 2 low level zerkers (26 and 8) and would level them up just so they can carry more gear for my other characters.

However, as I do have a lvl 61 zero, an op8 zerker and siren and an op2 commando…I am kind of done with normal and tvhm. I would run through these with you - not a speed run and not a “do every single side mission run”.
I am in Europe and play most evenings.

Hey man thanks for replying im in mountain time in Canada and I play very often almost every day but sometimes I i have other stuff I have to do but yeah I play very often

I will be on in 3 hours and play for 4-5 hours from then. Will you be on then? If so I’ll add you.
If not then hopefully someone closer to your timezone will see this and reply.

Yeah I’ll be on just add me when you have the time and thanks

Anyone else Wana join?

So I know its been a couple of days but I am interested in some coop if you havent started yet, if you have I have a zerker at level 12 I could play with. I have never played online before though.

Well, we kind of got side-tracked doing DP runs. Choco has an OP5 and I have an OP4.
Anyone who wants to join us for more DP - you are more than welcome.

I guess Choco is still interested in doing other cop-op stuff. As our timezones are so different we will mainly only be able to sort out sessions at the weekend - so that leaves plenty of time when he is on and I am not.
Also - I am being sidetracked by the Destiny DLC that was released yesterday.

I’m down to start a new one. I have a level 5ish Zerker that I’d love to level up.

Currently I have an OP1 Cat/Motion Siren (I do have rez) that I wouldn’t mind getting to OP8 as well.

PSN: reverend TiG

I’m up for some co op either blasting new characters or I have a level 72 mechromancer and commando I’ll add you later

Hey both of you feel free to add me im ussauly on my 72 assasin his op5 just trying to get some good gear for a sniper build since that’s what I use for raid bosses and my gears outdated so if you guys Wana add me Thats cool

I was actually thinking of starting a new character tonight. Are you still looking for people? Psn is dropxxzone. Will probably roll a commando.