Looking for a Co-op Partner

I bought “Borderlands:The Handsome Collection” on “Black Friday.” I have played through “Borderlands”, and “Borderlands 2” on PS3. I’m looking for someone who is preferably experienced, but having a chill personality is the attribute I respect the most. My PSN username is “blitzhitz” and my skype username is “blitzhitz.” IF YOU’RE INTERESTED, reply to this post AND try to add me on Skype and PSN. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey. I got Handsome Collection on Black Friday as well. Played Borderlands 1 and partially 2 on PC. I started new chars both in B2 and Pre-Sequel … at around lvl 5 I guess.

I am looking for some co-op adventure in either of those games x) Single player is pretty boring after some time and from what I heard about public games, it aint my cup of tea.

Ive sent you requests on both skype and psn.

ill join you guys too add G1Scorponok

Level 54 assassin I was playing uvhm but it’s super frustrating solo.

Playing fallout4 now but if you need any help let me know.

Psn is drinkingcloud

Hi! I’m level 25 lawbringer, and I have a mic… psn is fordgirl27

All level toons with an OP8 commando as my main. Tons of legendary gear from lvl6 & up to OP8. Psn: thatguysh4rk. I have a mic if necessary plus platinum trophy for BL2 & roughly 56% done with TPS. Willing to help anyone who needs it.