Looking for a Corrosive Rapier LV72 BL2

Cannot get one to generate as the mission reward on BL2…please help!!! Been after it for 3 days now.

Why are you farming for a Corrosive Rapier??

There are a lot better options, just for AR’s go for a Corrosive Kitten instead.

It’s for a melee Zero build

For meleé you want a Slag Rapier, not a Corrosive one.

I’m just having issues dealing enuff damage to armored enemies, even with the slag one :confused:

Are you certain you want to play meleé then?

Gun Zer0 is quite powerful actually.
This is my Zer0 build: http://bl2skills.com/assassin.html#505451500150455105015050500000

Ya. I just gave up lol I have a infinity Gun Zero build that’s my go-to…gun Zero is beast!