Looking for a couple of specific Lv. 72 or higher Siren class mods

This is kind of a shot in the dark. I’m looking for (1) a Blue rarity Warder class mod for a Siren, level 72 or higher, and/or (2) Legendary Binder Siren mod, level 65ish or higher. I’m OP6 right now.

For the Warder, Blue rarity is best instead instead of Purple because you get a +6/+5 rather than a +5/+4/+4 skill boost. Specifically, I’d like one that is “Guarder Warder” or “Scheming Warder”, since they put the +6 boost into Wreck or Ward rather than Recompense. I have been hunting forever and cannot find this exact one.

Willing to trade several purple to yellow Level 72-OP 6 items for them if you can help out.
Name is Rhomvolution9

You are probably better off using a Legendary Siren COM, which gives +5 Ward in addition to +5 to four other skills in addition to Cooldown boost and Gun damage boost. The only skill that gets +5 that is only “so-so” is Flicker. With the Warder COM, you could get +6 Ward and +5 Recompense. But, Recompense just is not very good.

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Already have Legendary Siren mod. I specifically wanted a Blue Warder because recompense isn’t good, but Wreck + Ward would be nice as a +6 / +5. Wanted to try out Legendary Binder.

I have a legendary binder class mod. You can add me if u want it. (thehorror13) It’s lvl 71.