Looking for a couple rare trades/give aways. I have some good stuff if needed

(KillingLegacy) #1

Hey, all! This is probably a super long shot, but I’m looking for a permanent Binary OP8 grog nozzle, inflammable the bee OP8, AND an electric norfleet OP8 (puissant preferred, but any - other than bladed - will do).

If you do not have any extra to spare, and are not willing to part with the above items for free, then here are some of the things I have to offer (all level 72 + OP 8) :

Perfect rolled fire bone of the ancients (incendiary damage 39% cooldown rate 47%
Fire norfleet
Caustic norfleet
Skookum skullsmasher
Twin hornet
Double penetrating unkempt herald
Grounded black hole
Inflammable flame of firehawk
Original fire omen
Practicable fire conference call
Several variants of the sandhawk and the fibber (No ×2, yet)
And several other things.

You can contact me here or on xbox one.

My xbox one gamertag is Killing Legacy

Please and thank you.