Looking for a Craw buddy on PS3

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if anyone still plays this game sometimes and would like to run craw every now and then. I’m about to close this game up after 500 hrs of Mordecai (Max Level of course) by sealing the armory because I’ve come close to completing all proficiencies, missions, challenges and trophies, but I have an unfinished legendary/pearl collection I’ve been working on that I would like to fiddle with maybe once a week or so. Since Craw will be the only way to get this, and he gives ■■■■ for loot solo, I’m trying to find someone on PS3 who will play with me. Rando’s are no-gos, as there’s a solid chance my precious save file will be corrupted from all of those nice people who play with force-modded games.

Add me at XAGMNINETY if you’re interested in doing something similar to what I’m trying to do.

Got you moved to the PS3 section. Happy looting, friendo!