Looking for a Cryo lucians call

Looking for a Cryo lucians call anointed for Zane. GT is Ye Olde Wolf. Add me and we can trade, I have a good selection of items!

I don’t want to tell you how to Play or Anything but after doing some testing, I find that a Fire Lucians Call with the SNTL +50% Cryo Annointed Effect is more effective than the Cryo one.

You still proc Brain Freeze and Calm, Cool, Collected, but you’re much more effective against Health AND Armor. You also don’t have to worry about switching for Annointed Enemies.

But you do you, hope you get someone to donate.

Thanks for the tip brotha! I will also take a fire lucians call :slightly_smiling_face: as long as it’s anointed.

I have a bunch of anointed Lucians, both caustic, cryo and fire. Not sure if i have one with fire and the cryo. But he is correct, it works on my night hawkin anointed that has cryo and 50% damage as fire.
I will see what i have tonight man, if i got it, i will send it.

If anyone out there has this exact lucian Mr. Stach mentioned please let me know, i will trade any gear from my trade posts for this rifle and even pay for Skavenger to get one, i do not want to hijack his post, so only fair.

my Gt is xCaliburxxx