Looking for a Deathless artifact

Hey all,

My Girlfriend and I have been terrible unlucky during the farming frenzy. She is playing Moze and we have been farming Graveward to find a deathless (snowdrift preference) for 5 hours every night but did not find any deathless at all.
Can anyone help us out with a deathless? Other great Moze gear is also welcome!

Cheers =D

Do you have
red fang with smg/weapon and splash or crit
binary ion laser (not w corr/rad) I have that one
stop-gap w sntnl anoint
dastardly lucky 7 100% ase?

I have a rear ended and fire stone deathless I don’t need. You can have them both to use until you find one you’re looking for :slight_smile: not asking for anything in return for them. I also have some Moze gear and coms if you’re looking for those too.

My PSN is Rchris92

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Thank you cavendano. I just send you a request on the PS4! See you ingame