Looking for a elemental dictator with SNTNL anointment

Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll see if I have it. Thanks!

Got a Cryo Moonfire in STNTL cryo?

I’ve got cryo and shock w sntnl 50% bonus cryo. I’m looking for transformer shields w ase 50% fire and radiation

@Ice-T I have a transformer with fire anoint. What dictator do you have?

I was fortunate enough to get the shields earlier today. I’m looking for a digi clone scourge rl? I’m also looking for rakk attack anointed gear

What is the shock SNTNL dictator, x6? I have plenty of rakk anointed gear

I’m sorry but it’s not x6

Damn, I’ll take it anyways. What are you looking for?

Would you have a night hawkin rakk attack anointed or a scourge rl digi clone anointed?
Hey, since you settled for now with, mind if I tell that I also have a em p5 sntnl anointed but it is not x2.

I’ll take that as well, and unfortunately I do not. I do have other rakk anointed gear though

and rakk redistributors?

Nope, only sntnl redistributors. I have rakk anointed brainstormer, x2 ion cannon, binary kybs(shock/corrosive), dictators, maggie, x2 craders, lucky 7, scoville, craps, x2 shock lyuda, nukem, fire autoaime

x2 ion cannon and a dictator if its fire

rad and cryo unfortunately

Not unfortunate, I’ll take the rad please . So one rad dictator and 2x ion cannon sounds like a deal. Not sure if your on my friend list but my psn is Ice-T411