Looking for a Evisceration Rubi (THVM - lvl. 45)

Hey guys!

I’m building up a new melee zer0 (THVM - lvl. 45) and die a lot, 'cause of no healing. So i googled a little bit last night and read about the Evisceration Rubi and their healing effect. My problem is, that you can only get the weapon as a reward in the mission “Rakkaholics Anonymous” and I already completed this a few days ago!

So would somebody be so nice and trade it to me?

Gametag: rolix7

Thanks in advance!

Edit: can be low level, doesn’t matter.

I can get it for you tomorrow

Holy Necro, Batman! The OP hasn’t been active since April 30th, 2015. One of the Forum Moderators should probably close this thread.

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I doubt he’ll be coming back here any time soon. He probably has that rubi by now too.

Feel free to reach out to him on the X1 though.