Looking for a facapuncher and ghast call

Looking for a facepuncher that is anointed with the 25% chance for terror on melee. As well as the ghast call anointed for the add terror effect every 5 seconds for 18 seconds AAS. Or the ammo regen anointment. Will take charity or am willing to trade, Gt is ye_olde_wolf.

Don’t mean to burst your bubble man but ghast calls cannot be anointed

Oh damn I didn’t know that, thanks for the heads up, if any one has a anointed hex I’ve been trying to get one for a while now

I do have a raided, cloning and vindicator ghast call if interested in any, we can make a trade, but if you’re looking for one that does terror, I got some grenade mods that do, (including a cyro hex) I also have a transformer that applies terror on ASE just pm me if interested