Looking for a farming partner

Looking for someone I can farm with either on my game or theirs. I’m not very far into TVHM, would rather be able to farm in a higher level game for the xp and mainly loot, my current loot is mediocre at best…

PSN: KingGoblinGaming

Gear: Level 34 Diamond Spiker (2036x2 dmg)
Level 34 Garnet Anarchist (slag) (1049 dmg)
Level 30 SandHawk (395 dmg)
Level 33 Roket Pawket Zooka (electric) (9121x3 dmg)

     Level 29 Bee (1335 capacity) (3190 amp damage)
     +677 sheild capacity and +26% shield recharge rate class mod
     Longbow singularity grenades (11604 dmg)
     +42 health relic

Will use all my Eridium from farming on Buttstalion as a thanks for helping me farm higher level bosses!

You still need help?

I do man, im just starting UVHM now