Looking for a few Infinity Pistols

I am looking for Infinity pistols with the following annointments and elements.

SNTNL Bonus 100% Cryo - Rad, Corrosive

Gamma Burst - Shock, Cryo

Phasecast 250%- Corrosive, Fire

Phaseslam 300%- Fire, Corrosive

Also looking for a Last Stand Loaded Dice with hp regen and mag size

Stop Gap or Band of Sitorak might be called Marathon with movement speed while shields are full and depleted.

Let me know what you have and what you are looking for.


Got a fire one, got a radiation helix sntnl anointed?

Got a rad with phaseslam

I have gamma but normal one.

Fire SNTNL? What are you looking for?

Phaseslam 300%? What are you looking for?


Radiation helix sntnl cryo anointed is what I’m after

Any Zane sntnl cryo gear? If not, no worries. Will send it. PSN RMANCL

I think I only have a cryo SNTNL Helix.

I think my rad Helix is Gamma Burst.

I’ll ask a few people real quick and see if they have one.

I probably have over 120 guns with SNTNL annointments. Anything in particular?

The helix would be fantastic. Infinity sent


Mailed you a few things.

Awesome, thank you!

Any luck?
What’s your psn?

No responses from the guys yet.

I’ll be on in an hour or two.

PSN jorgeammo

Got it I will mail it to you soon.

Still looking for trades if anybody else has any.

Want cryo phaslam infinity?

Sure, what are you looking for?

Good kybs 4 moze. High dmg i dont really care about mag size.