Looking for a few items, everythang FT

I have a lot of top notch items so just let me know what you are looking for, as long as its reasonable…

Looking for all annointed mostly…
Some I will take with whatever annoint I can get…

  • Radiation Redistribitor (ANY ANNOINT)
  • ReCharger W/ 20% Action Cooldown
  • Fire and Corrosive Shreddifiers
  • Lightning Hex w/ 50% Element
  • Last Stand w/ Wep Dmg/Shotgun %/Health Per Sec/ Accuracy/ other nice attributes
  • Snow Otto Idol (Mag Size/Shotgun/SMG/SIMILAR)
  • Elemental Projector W/ Shotgun% and other useful ++
  • Light & Corrosive & Fire (2 of the 3) 2X Recursion W/ 100% ASE and one with 15% Life Steal
  • Ammo Regen Roid Rough Rider
  • Cutsmans (All elmts) 100% ASE
  • Lucky 7 100%ASE
  • Shock/Corrosive Ion (100% ASE or 125% Badass)

Will be adding more things needed soon.

I’m looking for radiation hex with on throw annointed and a Red Suit shield with Zane sntnl annoint. If you got either, I got rad redistributor with sntnl cryo or lucky 7 ASE100

No longer need SNTL redist, but I believe my Radiation hexs are all 50% elements… I’ll look when I can log on… anything else strike your fancy?

I run 100% uptime Zane so unfortunately ASE doesn’t help me, what’s your GT I’ll just send the lucky 7

Capn batman1

I really appreciate it… anything you didn’t list that you would need?

PM me a couple other things you might need or could upgrade and I’ll see what I can do

All good, I have most of what I’m after across my characters, just looking for those really specific things for my Zane to get him M4 Takedown ready. Unless you have any annointedASE recursions? My Amara could use those.