Looking for a few lvl 72 items

Hey. I would really like one or more of these items from one of you nice fellows out there.

Avenger (slag but other elements are okay)
Redundant Fibber (the one that ricochet, any element or none)
Storm front (longbow)
Cobra (yeah, like anyone would give me that)
Legendary Sickle Class Mod
Butcher (for krieg, not sure what element is the best here)
Derp Duuurp (magazine size 6 or more)
Gentlemans Pimpernel (slag)
Rustlers Orphan Maker

I am not asking one person to give me all of this, These are just things I spend hours daily trying to obtain so maybe someone can help me with something :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!
PSN: Larex571

I have the storm front you need. and it’s longbow.

I have a cobra for you. It’s op8 if you want it. PSN thatguysh4rk