Looking for a few OP5+ Items

I’m looking for any of the following at Level OP5 to OP8:

Flying Sandhawk Fire, Shock, or Corrosive
Magic Missle
Orphan Maker
Infiniti Pistol Fire or Corrosive

I’ve got the these I can trade if you’re interested-

LvL 80 Partisian Mongol explosive
LvL 80 Prudential Norfleet Shock
LvL 80 Grounded Black Hole
LvL 80 Acuminous Hellfire
OP8 Wild Hammer Buster
OP8 Crammed Unkempt Harold
OP8 Extendified Gub Corrosive
OP8 Sledge’s Shotgun shock
OP7 Operational Pitchfork Fire
OP7 Lobbed Bouncing Bonny shock
OP6 Expandifide Madhous! Fire
OP8 Akurate Slagga
OP7 Royal Deliverance

LvL 80 Nifed Sawbar Fire
OP7 Hefty Avenger
OP8 Restructuring Butcher
OP8 Monstrous Storm shock
OP7 Refill Avenger Fire
OP7 Gunstock Unforgiven
OP7 Righteous Stalker slag

Just let me know

Psn- Kamehameha69