Looking for a few reminders

I played Borderlands 2 to death on the 360 but sold it when I upgaded to the Xbox1. If memory serves I had 2 characters at OP 4 and one at 72.

So I started again as I had no saves, I have run through the main game finishing at level 29, now I am just about to start TVHM and have a few questions

1 do chubbies appear in TVHM?
2 do the side missions reset? The few I did
3. When do pearls appear?
4 do weapons from the presequel carry into BL 2

Thanks for any advice

2: You get to do everything over in TVHM so yes, you can repeat ones you did in normal

4: No. Different games.

Chubbys appear in TVHM, hell they appear in normal mode on BL2.

Pearls appear in the Scarlett DLC though I am unsure if there is a level requirement to get them (i.e. if its only available in TVHM and UVHM or of its available in normal as well).