Looking for a few things level:OP8

Hey I am looking for somethings that are OP8 that I seem to can’y get to drop. All elements of Bone Relics, Rough Rider (could only get OP6 and 7), Blockade, and Fastballs in all elements. If anyone could help that would be awesome!

GamerTag: ValkyriesHero

I could help you out sometime. I have a couple shock fastballs if you want one (op8, do about 26 mil damage each, they’re nice and LEGIT) My gt is RadiatedDirp18, feel free to add me. I may not be on tonight though, but most likely I will be tomorrow. :slight_smile:

If your at op8, you’d actually rather have a level 50 rough rider, this will make it easier and quicker to get above health gate. Enemies at op8 will health gate you to about 5-10% health in one shot, regardless of how much health you have, so actually having less health at op8 is better and easier to get back to full health faster, “above health gate”. I hope this helps.

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The last post here before you was 3 months ago, I would suggest that maybe things have been solved by now.

I didn’t ask you, SMART MAN!