Looking for a fire Annexed Lyuda and corrosive / shock Projectile Recursion. I have 100 ASE and Extra Projectile weapons for trade plus other goodies

Hello :blush: Trading items and making friends! Comment or DM if you see anything you like: https://imgur.com/gallery/UJftvir


(Bonus Elemental Damage ASE)
• Band of Sitorak
• rad or cryo Recurring Hex / Storm Front
• Offers - cool shields and grenades

Spiritual Driver Class Mod
• +3 Mindfulness, +2 Helping Hands

(Self Terror / Terror Ammo Regen)
• rad or cryo Recurring Hex, or Storm Front
• Offers - cool shields and grenades

• Cutpurse Commander Planetoid
• corrosive / shock Projectile Recursion
• corrosive / shock Vosk Deathgrip
• fire Annexed Lyuda (125 ASE)

PSN: JamaalKazama

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Hey man do you have a shock lyuda with terror projectile?