Looking for a good El Dragon Guide

IDK what it is but ive played good el dragon but when it comes to me… I feel like I die instantly with this guy. I feel like I cant do ■■■■ with him sometimes and I honestly feel like its my lack of knowledge of this character. He is just way to squishy imo.

I fel the same - Saw badass El Dragons and when I played him…noone wants to see such thing, really bad, like, the worst…

Maybe you should edit your topic title to “Looking for a good El Dragon Guide” or “El Dragon - Guide needed!” - when I openend this thread I hoped to find one for myself, its a bit misleading :smile:

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Just changed it lol

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Oups - Ninjaaaaad!!! :sweat_smile:

Use his ult, and clap when you don’t have it.

I dunno, that’s just what I keep seeing El Dragon players doing and it seems that’s about all he does :confused:

El Dragon is tricky, but def worth it…

It’s all being evasive honestly. I run zero cost shard gen and wrench with a green attack speed/max health. Key is to get to 5 as fast as possible, but I’m sure you know that. My strat is to basically belly flop in from a weird angle to get minion damage, and then pretty much immediately clothesline out. When your shield goes down with him you want to start looking for a way out. Getting clothesline down to where you are very comfortable using it is probably the hardest part bc it can be really weird.

Once you get to 5 you’ll have some damage reduction to help you survive and then at 6 you get the attack speed increase to help you finish kills…

Once you get 5 not much changes, but now you can go for kills. You want to still be evasive and unpredictable. Belly flop from weird angles and once you take a little damage get ready to clothesline.

I’d start popping en fuego and stunning, hitting them, and then clotheslining out. Once you get him down you can clothesline in for the knock up, pop en fuego, then stun them as they are hitting the ground…this is tricky though bc you have burned your escape. However, the clothesline knock up into a belly flop (with or without the stun), into a few claps will get most characters below 1/3 health and back them up or kill them.

Mid-late game anyone you stun should pretty much be dead. He does so much damage. The clap is great for finishing people off after the stun or hitting multiple at once or hitting someone just out of your reach.

My goal is to always come out of no where for the belly flop stun, kill the person(s) I stun, and immediately clothesline once I start taking a good bit of health damage. He is highly weak to focused fire and CC.

You always want to get your stacks up from minions too so you can get your bonus damage and damage reduction going before you engage a player. This is crucial.

Another note: You always want to “start fresh” with him…With many characters you can kind of stay in lane and cause some havoc even when your missing 1/4 of your health or something like that. El Dragon is best used with all abilities off cooldown and at full health. Usually, it’s belly flop in, stun, get a kill or so, clothesline, then teleport…Come right back to do the same thing…but don’t engage without your flop, clothesline, and most of your health. You can engage without the stun to get minions and finish kills etc, but you should be in the shadows until your skills are off cooldown and your health is near full…then pounce on unsuspecting foes.

ill go try him out again today but man, I suck with him but I know he recks and I also put him in the same class as Orendi where he needs to out level everyone to be most effective. While he is lvl 5 everyone else should be level 3

Yeah exactly. I think the shard gen/wrench is crucial


What gear do you use on him

0 cost shard gen, white attack speed, white attack damage.

Purple skill damage + shield strength, purple attack damage + shield strength, blue shield strength.

I run more tanky items on incursion and more damage and shard gen on meltdown and capture.

Dragon is my absolute love. I like playing a plethora of characters but el dragon is my main main. I would very much recommend trying to figure him out his killing potential is threw the roof. I was considering righting up a guide for him with even character match ups for him

I was doing alright with him, last night. Cant really tell if you’re doing well with randoms honestly because the aren’t good.

You should make an updated very detailed guide though. It would help a lot of people. I had buildable cost, shard generator and AD/AS gear. If your farming correctly youll be level 5 by 25 or before the 25min mark while everyone else is level. 2-3

Lol I know the feeling about randoms and el dragon. The dude rolls pugs harder than rath ever could XD

I might start working on an el dragon guide here and there today. I will preface that I am by no means an expert and this is my first real delving into a moba basically but if I can help ppl pick this guy up and do ok I would be stoked. I almost have 100 matches of him under my belt I think both in between in curation and meltdown

I started off hating him. Now I’m pretty good. He’s got some nice helix choices when he gets up there in level. I use Gold vest that gives life to all people, purple attack speed with health bonus, purple skill bonus with attack speed.

I also go with the heavy punch at the end of the combo. I know a lot of people take the slap damage, I just think it’s slow and damages less.

Practice practice practice.

Yeah a purple eldrid sword is amazing. My suggestion is maybe instead of running shard generator and wrench is to just use gauntlets swords and vests on him. I would try for a gets more health after 180 seconds vest. Maybe even go Eldrid gauntlet plus sword and stack like 800 extra health from gear. Honestly every lvl until you hit 5 your playstyle will be a little different imo and as long as your playing him smart and adhere to his roles and what your game plan is for him you will do great

Anyone here using the right helix on level 2?
The DoT field is probably better in general, especially when killing minions. However, when having the lowered cooldown and mixing it with level 1 helix that weakens targets hit by Dragon Splash and level 6 mutation giving +20% attack speed after making a dragon splash.
This lets me spam Dragon Splash a lot, weakening the enemy and buffing my attack speed.
Overall pretty fun, but probably not ideal

I agree that it does sound pretty fun but is definetly not ideal imo. The only Time I have wanted to take right at 2 is for playing meltdown and just running back and forth in between the lanes

Sounds well enough. I do mostly play El Dragón in Meltdown. :slight_smile:

He is definetly not bad in that game type. I have never really wanted to take right at 1 tho since it feels like unnecessary utility but could be viable