Looking for a good group of people to run game!

Looking for a tight group to run mainly PvP but not ruling out PvE. Would like to group up with a solid group who is eager to advance and dominate. My character of preference thus far is Kelvin so if anyone is interested in grouping up with a Controller and get strategic, add me. Gamertag is Rigonn.

Sounds like a plan. Gamertag is MohawkMania95. I mostly play Miko, but I like to play as other characters as well.

Kelvin player? Count me in! I play Miko. (Not taking advantage of this for the lore challenge AT ALL)

Anyways, I usually play Miko or Mellka(Don’t have her unlocked yet though) and I love playing PVP and get strategic.
Gamertag: YaCantDutchThis
(I’m not Dutch at all… Sarcasm intended)

mori59 il play as any type of charecter and like pve &pvp all the same… sand me a massege if intrested

I’m down for pvp still a low level atm but I have a mic my gamertag is Mmm Fatcakes.