Looking for a good Rakk Attack + Skag Build

I’m very new to FL4K. Any advice or builds would be greatly appreciated. Right now I’m struggling with him.

I would really like to combine Rakk Attack with the Skag.


In what ways are you struggling specifically? Survivability? Damage?

What level are you at the moment?

I’m a level 21, and it doesn’t feel like my skag or rakk are doing much damage. :frowning:

well thats because they dont, you are the damage dealer, there are more or less suport for you, and at level 21 you have only 3 skills you can max out i nthe skill tree, there is no good “build” at this stage, just keep leveling as the game is a breeze. if you struggle try to use the claoking abillity as it is really good for early game leveling, try to get good weapons, pistols and shotguns, and use them to do the damage.

With the hunter skill, your going to be looking at a mix of Rakk with your damage. Your pet is rather neglible, you aren’t going to do much with it, it’s there for the health regeneration, or 5% damage buff, if you want to use that pet.

When playing solo I like to run with the regen and flak to heal me as well, helps out a lot during boss fights, but if you want, you can run Cyro instead, to help you line up lots of criticals.

You need to focus on critical hits, if you can, run a shotgun, the amount of crits and things you can get with one shot means you can often shoot a lot before having to reload, when you get later in the game, finding a Jakobs shotgun, you can often get one that you can wreck with, because later Jakobs gets a chance to return ammo on crit to you, plus your ability that adds bullets into your clip for you, and then ricochet shots that critical hit to nearby enemies, and your other ability has a chance to spawn additional projectiles which can all richocet can create a huge amount of aoe dps actually.

Critical hit as much as you can, the more crits you get the better, as a Hunter you need to be extremely accurate. If you crit a lot, you will be spawning tons of rakks all the time because your cooldown will be coming back up so fast thanks to Head Count which has a 30% chance to reduce Rakks cooldown by 2 seconds each time you crit.

Also, don’t throw both sets out at one time, I like to stagger them, pop a few headshots, then throw, then pop a few more headshots and then throw, so that way, your always throwing about every 6-7 seconds during a fight, or maybe more if your lucky with procs on your talent. It keeps your dps more consistent, and try to launch rakks against higher health enemies to maximize their damage, no good to see them fly towards an enemy with 5% health only to be wasted on it essentially because they can do more damage than that.

Good luck though.

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Thank you so much for the time you took to write this up! I really appreciate it!

Fl4K build that’s been good for me (I’m partial to my boy Max aka Skag) is:

Skag = Pet make him great horned

Gamma Burst ability

Equip Atomic Arama and Empathic Rage.

25 points in Master Tree

19 points in Stalker tree.

My build is making my pet do good AOE damage while having regen for both and making sure the cooldown is insane. It’s been working for me. Huge ass skag taking all my aggro while I rain down bullets on everyone, my FL4K is level 43 if you’d like the actual specs on number of points I’ve done so far just let me know!!! Flak is awesome just gotta get in the swing of it!!

There are builds on youtube for rak attack, but forget about the pets, they are all useless for now, same for iron bear, but at least fl4k can do mayhem 3 with rakk attack even tho its less than half as powerfull as the crit build.