Looking for a good Vladof AR to carry for a bit

So I’ve been leveling a FL4K and would really like a good Vladof AR to use for a while. I’m at level 31 at the moment so a Level 35 or so AR would be ideal. Prefer the under-shotgun and no higher zoom than 1.5x if possible. Any rarity is fine but blue or purple would be aces. I’ve a number of legendaries at this level I’d be willin to discuss trading lol

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As most of us here are likely at level 65, and the odds of finding someone else that happens to be around level 35 are slim (due to player volume and all the other levels they might be at when you do find one), you might have better luck catching the vending machines. Do you have enough Eridium to buy a nice one if Earl has a good one in his machine? Are you strapped for cash in case Marcus has a good one?

Like I’m down to trade you some money and Eridium (if possible, and if that would help). If you’re a big fan in general, I can give you some nice ones at level 65 for when you get there.

Honestly that would be really appreciated. I’m mostly playing solo and having some small struggles here or there. I just got BL3 on the PC recently to play with my girlfriend, I mostly played it back on PS4 when it launched. Annoyingly I wasn’t able to bring my Shift stuff over from the one linked to my PSN so I’m starting fresh pretty much (though honestly I don’t really mind, starting fresh has its virtues).

No prob - I’m Adabiviak on Steam/SHiFT/Epic (though I don’t touch the Epic install anymore though I can use it to send you stuff in a pinch).

Seriously though, if you’re interested in any particular gear, do tell… I’m not getting god rolls, but I regularly sell off stuff that’s the envy of demiurges everywhere. I see you’re playing FL4K, so I’ll hang onto some nice COMs as I find them. You got a playstyle for which I should consider keeping COMs (like a manufacturer or type preference, say Vladof assault rifles)? Also, are you looking for a particular relic type? Shield type? Grenade type?

Don’t hesitate to ask… seriously, I sell off some really good stuff, and it still makes me wince sometimes because while I have something marginally better (or I wouldn’t be selling it), I know there’s someone out there for whom this stuff would be a boon.

edit - this has a shotgun alt fire and a FL4K anointment. I’ll send it when I see your friend request… would pair well with Guerillas in the Mist.

As for how I’m playing FL4K, so far I’ve found I’m really fond of Scorcher Spiderant and Rakk Attack with Rakkcelerate and Flock’n’Load. The overall build type I’m doing is focused on making FL4K themself strong and once I peak the level 40s or so I’ll start working on their pet damage.

I’m on the EPIC version cause in my idiocy I didn’t think about how Steam has cross-play with the Epic Version (I think?) and my GF owns it on the Epic version. So I just got that one.

On a note, what does COM mean exactly? I’ve never really been in the Borderlands community since I was primarily a console player of the series and didn’t own a computer till about 4ish years ago now lol. So my knowledge on the overall metas and how thinks work is minimal. So essentially I’m still very much a noob in that regard.

It stands for, “Class Optimization Module”… just a name for the gear that enhances specific playstyles for various characters by adding points to related skills and then catching some other damage perks that fit your particular playstyle.

I’ll keep an eye out for Rakk Attack-based anointments in my travels. I’m not sure if cross play between Steam and Epic works (I think it does via SHiFT), but I can definitely mail you gear if we’re connected via SHiFT.

If you haven’t found the mail bit in the HUD, make sure you know where it is - gear sent by other players has an expiration date (like a week or something).

The metas are cute if you can get your hands on the god-level gear many of them require, but their gimmicks still work if you come at them with “normal” gear and don’t expect to one-shot Takedown stages. If you’ve got a specific question, just ask. There are builds and metas posted all over the forums here.

I sent ya an friend request on EPIC and my SHiFT name is the same as my Forum Handle, EchoV3. As for Epic its Echo-3 so thats me adding you lol. Generally I have questions but can’t ever think of them while on forums or anything like that lol.