Looking for a grenade and I'm willing to give anything for it

I’m looking for a longbow slag transfusion grenade with 0 fuse time and I’m looking for a grounded love thumper if you have that
Gt is BlueBandit76

I am willing to trade mine for a Longbow Zero fuse time Quasar. OP8.

I have a 1.0 fuse time. It that’s the only one I have I could give another legendary you need with it

I’ll settle for that since the best one I have ever gotten to drop for a UBA Varkid is 2.1 fuse time. :weary:
as long as it’s OP8, I’m down. Hit me up. GT: Kurtdawg13

edit: I should add that I won’t be online till around 5pm PST tonight. :slight_smile:

Ok that’s fine

anything else you might be looking for at the moment? I have a grip of gear. I collect and have several mules to hold my gear. Sadly, never got the zero fuse time quasar in the longbow prefix. just in case I have what you’re looking for, I can consolidate it into one character so I don’t have to jump in and out of your game for the trade. :wink: