Looking for a grog nozzle for me lvl 72 gunzerker!

Just got to level 72 and did not know I needed to not finish the beard quest. So I am looking for a grog nozzle for my gunzerker. If anyone has one they can spare that would be great. If you want something in trade just let me know and we can try to work it out.

Please contact me and thatnk you for the help!!!

Hey, I’ve got a spare lvl 72 grog you can have.

PSN dogstar13

My PSN is Fushgi.

I will send you a friend invite.

I am on most evening, I can be on during the day if needed just let me know.

I’m recently getting back into the game, but I was hoping if someone has a permanent grog nozzle (preferably a high level one) that they wouldn’t mind giving to me. My psn is the same as my username.