Looking for a grog nozzle not tied to the quest

Anybody have a spare grog nozzle that isn’t a quest item. I have a level 80 rustlers orphan maker and a few norfleets if anybody wants to trade.

Is there a specific level you’re looking for?

Honestly no. I just want it for the healing

I can give you one later then. My psn id is iX_Grimm. What level are the norfleets you have?

They are level 80

Any grogs?

Not to piggyback, but if you have a second spare, legit Grog on PSN, carried over from the actual event… I’d freaking love to have it. :slight_smile:

If you are on PS4 I have a Binary Grog LVL80 for you.
Send me a PM with your id and I will add you.

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I sent ya a pm with my PSN.

I will check tonight after work.

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I am much obliged, good sir.

Thank you.

No Problem - enjoy!