Looking for a Grog Nozzle on PS4

Hello All,

I know this is a gun you cannot farm/get on PS4 anymore without the mission. Would anyone have one to give or for trade? I have been farming Sham Shield and have some stuff I could trade for it. Lvl 72 would be preferred but I will take any level if available. If interested, please let me know.


PSN: VR-4-


If you just lost it doing the mission, consider a reset, bc for one it’s not available in co-op mode and two it’s a save editor thing to have one keep a permanent inventory slot.
And guess what? No proper save editors or support for them is here. Apologies in advance. Good luck.

I can drop 0ne for you. I’m on most nights around 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami


They were available as designated drops during the official Loot Hunt event back in… 2015? People farmed the heck out of them, so there are quite a few legitimately obtained ones out there.

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