Looking for a grog nozzle

im looking for grog nozzles from level 50 to OP8, if you’ve got a permanent grog anywhere in those levels and are willing to trade… i hope we could work something out

Still need one?

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I really need one. I’m level 54. Would you be willing to trade one?

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Yes I can trade one but I have it at lvl 72… do you have the upgrade packs I am also on Xbox 360

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That’s unfortunate for me. I’m still playing tvhm, at lvl 54. If the upgrade packs cost money, I don’t have them yet. I just tried uvhm and died over and over from one scavenger after boom&bewm. My weapons are ok, but I don’t have the gear I need for a sick ninja build like I want.

If you’re at lvl 54 then you already have the first upgrade pack which allows you to get from lvl 50 up to lvl 61 . The second upgrade pack allows you to reach 72 and overpower levels but the grog nozzle is actually a mission item from the side quest “The Beard Makes The Man” from the dlc :Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep.

Yeah I’ve never used a ninja or any melee build for that matter I prefer a nice pistol build with the chaotic evil rogue Com ( also from tiny tina dlc ) and sheriff’s badge but sometimes a nice sniper set up for fun .

Anyone still have grog nozzles they’re willing to trade/drop? Lvl 72