Looking for a grognozzel

i missed the event that you got a permanent grognozzel from and now i cant get it so if someone got two of tham or wanna trade that would be great

Have any perfect op8 Redundant Fibbers? Looking for Fire and shock… If you have them I have two different perfect Grogs.
Evisceration Grog aka bladed.
Binary Grog aka x2 shots= 100% chance
Both all Maliwan with Jacobs Sights.

no sorry i aint got no op8 weapons

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How about a low lvl Magic Missile x4? Basically a VHM version.

ye i got it i can give it to you if you will give me the Binary Grog aka x2 shots= 100% chance

The Binary Grog is op8…

And the other one?

Add me

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whats ur username?

Yo can somebody drop me one too I really want one and it would be amazing if someone dropped me one :slight_smile:

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I got one for you.