Looking for a group of adults to play borderlands 3 with? Look no further

Tactical Gaming has been a community since 2004 and focuses on the improvement of our players in all aspects of the game. If you are looking for a structured environment that will treat you like a grown up and help you achieve any in game goal you have then this is the community for you. We have recently expanded to Borderlands 3 and we are seeking multiple raid teams and players to group with.

We practice twice a week at night. (8pm est)(Sundays and Wednesdays) (most people are on all the time)

We do not allow kids

We are a max level clan

We have been a community since 2004

We have rules to guard against players of a toxic nature

Free YouTube team

Free graphics team

Veteran friendly veteran staffed

Easy to use discord

Professional website

Friendly helpful staff and members

You can reply to this post or add me on psn or Xbox
PSN: typicalveteran-
Xbox: typicalveteran2
Discord: typicalveteran- [CC]#2092



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did make a account. now waiting for further instuctions :slight_smile:

Got you go ahead and open your email

I usually game in the early mornings but I sometimes game in the evenings. My xbox Gamertag is the same as my username on here.

Awesome! Honestly this community is so large its almost never that i dont have people to play with. I game all hours but normally at night

Did you sign up?

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on my way now

Awesome sauce

Post when you apply so i can send you the verification email

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done. by the way, that’s not my real birthday. I don’t give most sites my real birthday. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its ok man email sent

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Had my fair share of interactions with TG guys on the Battlefield. Not that I‘m interested in joining, as this isn‘t my cup of tea, but i can only say they‘ve always been laid back and easy to have fun with.


Nice. Glad to hear.

Hey man thanks thats awesome that you can compliment like that. We need people like you i wish i could change the tea

Do you have discord matrix?

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I got a question. What if your a 36 year old male that has 3 kids, live in an apartment and no matter what you can hear them over my mic. Would that disqualify me?

I do. I was looking for the discord info.

what is the discord info?

Unfortunately yeah we are looking for a gaming experience that is reliant on coms

Dont you have a mute or push to talk method?