Looking for a group of lvl 72 no OP players to farm and hang with

I was wondering if I could find some pretty chill players to do some random farming with. Maybe some terra runs, or stuff like that. Nothing fancy. I don’t have many headhunter dlc’s. I do have Scarlett’s, and I had torgue, but I have to redownload it. So pyro may be a possibility.
Preferably 16+ players, and I’d like a mic. but younger is fine I’m really just looking for mature players.

My psn name is AllPowerfulJew if you want to group up

Sounds good, I was just about to run some terra.

72 Zero here.

I don’t have a mic but I’ve been doing a bit more online stuff so I’ll eventually need one.

I’ve got all the DLC that comes with GOTY version.


Sounds good. I have a Maya at that level, a Gaige on the way. PSN is EpicDamo

Oh and I have a mic too.