Looking for a hand with a PVP Ghalt build

I only just recently unlocked Ghalt and am absolutely loving him. Always was a fan of shotguns in shooters and Ghalt’s kit is pretty fun to use. Anyway I’m struggling with what kind of gear would be best for him to use. What I have currently just doesn’t seem to be doing the trick and any help would be appreciated.

For anyone that is curious my Helix build and current gear build are:

1: Stealth Scrap
2: The Scrappening
3: Pellet Party
4: Hookshot
5: boomstickier
6: Drain Chain
7: Both Barrels Blazing
8: Big Trap
9: Easy Target
10: incendiary Shells

Common shard generator, common skill damage increase, and symbiotic gauntlet

Before we talk about gear lets briefly digress into skills you haven’t unlocked yet. Eventually you’ll unlock mutations @ lvl 2 & 7 that are really good for PvP. You are going to want to pick these because you can litter more scrap traps around the maps at entrances and exits to your/enemy base beyond the one you use to hook/trap your current focus. This means that a low health enemy running from your base or running to their base can get blown up w/o you even being present.

Now on to the gear. Reload speed and attack speed / crit dmg gear is what you want in addition to your Symbiotic Gauntlet. Here are the reasons. His primary weapon being a shotgun means its mag size is pretty small, so for sustained DPS reload/attack speed is crucial. The crit dmg bit comes from the fact that once an enemy is in your trap they are stationary so you can get guaranteed crits and crits do significantly more dmg than non crits. So you can kill all but the tankiest characters if you can land those crits at lightening speed, hence the recommendation for reload/attack speed. Basically once an enemy is hooked and trapped they are going to die because it’s crits all day everyday, especially when you are lvl 9 and above due to the 15% dmg debuff that Easy Target provides.

Now the reason why I have attack speed hyphenated w/ crit dmg is because there is an epic piece of gear whose primary stat is attack speed and its secondary stat is crit dmg. Another option is to replace attack speed w/ a legendary item called the Vigilant Power Scouter. It boosts crit dmg and its legendary effect is that it increases the next attack after a crit by 9.1%. So if you are full health and wearing the Symbiotic Gauntlet your attack dmg can be boosted by a total of 27.3% and since crit dmg is a multiplier on top of base dmg landing consecutive crits does MASSIVE dmg. So you may want to spend some time in PvE farming for the Vigilant Power Scouter so you can lvl up and unlock those mutations and then take them in to PvP and wreck!

Finally, a pro tip. Put two scrap traps centimeter apart, hook an enemy into either one, shoot him/her in the face and a split second before the stun wears off position yourself so that when the stun wears off you can quick melee them into the adjacent trap. It’s hard to pull off but really satisfying when it happens.

awesome thanks. The only mutation I currently have unlocked is The Hook(s) that makes his hook a cone. Ill farm the old sentinel a bit and see if I get lucky with getting that scouter. I’m surprised that both barrels blazing isn’t something you recommended as it seems like it would increase his damage output alot

Its attack speed drop off is its problem and since players aren’t normally stationary targets I perform better by being able to fire more frequently even though each shot fired does less damage.

Best advice I’d have for Ghalt in PVP (and I haven’t used him a ton, but feel like I’ve been somewhat successful) is to remember the Hook isn’t just for dragging guys into Scraptraps. Hooking a guy into a nearby friendly brawler is pretty nice, too. A Caldarius booster jumped away from an ally Rath who has just triggered Spin-to-Win, and I yoinked him right back as soon as he landed. A slight right turn from Rath, a little shotty work, and Caldy was done.

During a multi-character battle at mid-Thralls on Overgrowth, I remember hooking a guy off the activation pad while he was trying to cap it. It turned out to be the defining moment, as a bit later we capped the Thralls and had that character and another on their team KOed for the push.

managed to get the scouter on the first try, and ive unlocked the lvl 2 and 7 mutations. so now my gear choice consists of the scouter, symbiotic gauntlet, and a piece of rare reload speed gear that further increases my reload speed if my health is full, but also increases the damage I take. and I guess I should start taking scrapstack and a little something extra.

First try huh? Congrats you lucky dog! :smile_cat: Clearly this is a sign from RNGesus that this build has been ordained and you shall do great things w/ it.

As for your reload speed gear I’m not a fan of gear that increases the amount of dmg taken. Better options are Rifleman’s HailFire™ Mags or Trickster’s “Sidecar”. Unfortunately you can’t farm a specific enemy for these but if RNGesus continues to smile on you I’m sure you’ll get one from a PvE loot crate or a loot pack.

LOL just bought a single rogue loot pack and got the sidecar. Thanks for all the help man, I’m already seeing the damage numbers go from 100-200 to 800-1200 in PVE.

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