Looking for a Hellwalker, I've been farming like mad with no luck

Aye fellow vault hunters! I’m just really getting into the end game ( lvl 40 Moze ), and I’ve been farming like crazy to find a Hellwalker shotgun for my incendiary build Moze. No luck whatsoever SMH. I have a bunch of mid 30’s level legendaries to trade if possible. Any one can help me out with this? Thanks in advance! Gamertag: RomeyRome1007 playing on Xbox One

At level 40 I wouldnt worry too much about farming specific gear since you’ll have to refarm it at 50 again.

My advice…enjoy the next 10 levels while you can. You’re not missing much at 50.

Cool. Thanks for the advice! Second playthrough should be focus for farming then?

It’s a tough one… IMO the farming isnt in a good spot right now. I would get to 50…trade for a Hellwalker and play the game however you want.

Farming and endgame has almost killed my love for the game…dont make my mistakes.

I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks for the insight though! I’ve been a huge loot farmer since the original Borderlands lol. It’s hard to shut that off, ya know?

I’ve literally only found it once. Lvl.23 on my Moze. You couldn’t have chosen a better weapon. I was one shotting things with it up to level 30.

I definitely agree with @smtrentcf though. I’ve been farming at level 50 TVHM Mayhem 3 since Saturday. Trade for one. I spent 5 hours on Traunt (the boss it supposedly drops more often from) and got jack diddly. If you really are chill with farming then good on ya, but farming is a tad painful, especially with Anointed gear in mind.

In consolation…if you were on PC I would just give you one of mine. I was one ofnthe few fortunate enough to play this game pre loot nerf.

Moved to the trading section - carry on!

I am PS4 and have one so if I come across another I’ll give it to you

Haven’t even gotten to anointed gear yet. I’ve avoided crazy Earl’s machine like crazy because a lot of those weapons in there are sub par to what you can find/loot… IMO.

Never buy from that machine. It doesn’t have legendaries so it’s essentially useless.

How else are you supposed to get anointed gear? I’ve never gotten any to drop.

They drop. I’ve only had them drop at level 50. They’re ludicrusly rare though. Makes farming for the right ones like finding a needle in a city made of hay… and you only get to check one piece of hay every 8-15 minutes.

Ahhh ok :+1:

Up your luck percent in the guardian ranks. I got mine to 10% and I see much more anointed legendaries now on M3 TVHM. Best spot I have found so far for legendary drops is the Slaughtershaft. I regularly get 15+ drops per run. If you are still looking for a hellwalker I have a couple in my bank.

I can give you a lvl 50. I’ve got a couple extra. If you need anything else, I’ve got a post up in this forum you can check out!

Appreciate it! I finally got my Hellwalker. Now I’m on the hunt for a radiation sheddifier :grin:got a couple things to trade if you have one

I have an ice? If you don’t want that, I can keep an eye out for a rad

What lvl? And what are you looking for?

It’s lvl 50, don’t need anything in return