Looking for a helping hand on OP7 test

So… been working on getting my first toon up to OP8, and since I enjoy pain, chose Zer0. Anyway, I could spend the next few days farming up gear, and then the next few days after that grinding my face into the computer screen, but instead I thought I’d ask somebody here to help a hand.

Anybody who’s looking to rank up themselves to OP7, or anybody above who’s awesome in their soul, feel free to apply.

Link to 7 page application form here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/billthebetta/
(Please PM me here if you friend me through steam, kthx.)

I switch between a sniper and pistol build, just need some help on things like Dukino’s Mom and the Assassins, somebody to grab some aggro, facetank some damage, and in general, be chill. Having this be a bit of a challenge would be cool. I dunno, seeing somebody Shamfleet their way through crowds while I pick the cinders of the corpses they leave behind isn’t really fun to me.

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Made it to OP7.

Still crying, still alone.

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