Looking for a last stand otto idol god roll lvl 57

Anyone have it? I can trade.

I got one. Ill check the stats and tell you later

Ok cook

Hey did you have one?

Yes. 33% Cryo
34% corrision res
40% area damage



What dou you have to trade?
Looking for a Clarevoyance 100 ase or rakk

Hmmm idk if i have that but maybe i also have god roll rak pack mod.

I have a
Turbo ten gallon
Hostile holistic heart breaker
The lab
Shredded Tunguska
Daisy monocle
Stark krakatoa
Malaks bane all lvl 57 rakk attack ase

I have
Binary sublime ion laser
Exectuve bitch
Quick draw monocle
Unlimited supercharged anarchy
All lvl 57 100 ase

Which element got the Lob?

Pearl of knowledge with mage size and fire rate
One with max health and mag size
One with max health and fire rate


Wait sorry wich element for what? And lob or the lab?

Oh yeah the lob and its radiation

And you got the lob with 100% damage rakk attak?

Would take that. I add you in a few minutes

Yep i got it