Looking for a Legendary Sickle Class Mod OP1 or OP0 - I have a few mods to trade for it

Hey guys I am looking for a Legendary Sickle Class Mod for the Psycho, either level 72 or OP1. I currently have the following legendary class mods that I am willing to trade:

–Legendary Catalyst Class Mod (Mechromancer) OP1
–Legendary Siren Class Mod (Siren) OP1
–Legendary Nurse Class Mod (Siren) lv 71
–Legendary Cat Class Mod (Siren) OP1
–Legendary Ranger Class Mod (Commando) lv 71
–Legendary Torch Class Mod (Psycho) lv 72

PSN ID: Icehound84

I have an 8 if interesting? :boom: :hammer:

I currently only have OP1 unlocked…otherwise I would gladly accept.

I don’t think I have the class mod but I can help you with the op-lvls if you want!

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Can you help level me? I cannot beat “Toil and Trouble” as my gunzerker.

Will save it 4 u :acmsmile:

If you’re offering, I won’t turn that down. The only times I have off are Saturday and Sunday evenings as I work 12 hour shifts starting tomorrow. If you’re open those evenings lemme know and I’ll gladly accept the assistance!

No problem, hopefully we get together this weekend and you´ll be op8 :laughing:

U have a legendary sickle op8 ? I want it ! My ID on ps4 is L-HOMME-GOUJON.