Looking for a level 50 laser disker and 50 flayer or higher

just finishing up tvhm with my fiance and we are about halfway to hit level 55(we arent starting uvhm until we hit 55) I have a level 49 flakker a level 44 laser disker and a level 44 flayer because that’s what level the game decided we should be at when we played through the DLC. I dont have much to trade just a bunch of low level zx1s that arent worth anything. I would like to start out with some good guns and gear and maybe have some to grow into if you have some extra levels lying around. I’m a disabled vet that plays this while sitting at home. I could just use some good will. I am having trouble finding any gear actually. I do have a celestial enforcer mod level 50 and I need to find a good level 55 adaptive shield I’m using Wilhelm. dont know how to keep up once we start uvhm. my xbox live gt is Evil Monkey CT any help would be greatly appreciated. Dv

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All gear in TVHM is going to cap out at level 50 regardless of your character level (it’s the way the game is coded). Starting UVHM at level 55 with under-levelled gear is likely to be painful. I haven’y fired up TPS in a while, but I probably have some spare stuff you can have - won’t be the items you ask for, though, as I don’t really farm much.

the fiance has been getting some stuff out of the chests at our level I have some pistols and smgs that are over level 50. trust me I know it’s going to be painful that’s why I’m trying to see if someone on here has what I’m looking for because that’s what I use any other gear you may have would be appreciated as well. I left my xbox gamer I’d in my message I’ll be playing tps all day. send me a message or just join my game I’m about to farm eos

What time zone are you in? It’s not even lunch time here, so I won’t be on for a while!

Tampa, Florida Eastern Standard Time. Don’t worry I’ll be on all day and evening. disabled vet remember lol I dont leave the house very often.

so does anyone else have a laser disker and flayer that they can get rid of?

Sorry to disappoint, but it turns out there’s not a whole lot in the bank at that level. @Kurtdawg13 - think you might have some spare gear on your XB1 TPS saves?

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what do you need I have no shields but I have some spare guns saved up for when I do another play through no legendaries except some zx1s, I’m willing to share what I have if it is what you need

I should…I remember having an extra LD and plenty of Flayers. Msg GT: Kurtdawg13
Edit: just read the OP and can’t help with the level 50-55 gear. Most of what I have is level 70

I could work into the 70s lol I could hold on to it

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Can anyone help me level up to 72 I currently level 45 GT: HeartyHades8513

nice way to hijack my thread… Still looking btw just hit level 61 so the level requirements have changed lol.