Looking for a Level 70 Dastardly Luck Cannon, please

I will say going into this that I’m not that hopeful about finding one here, as I have little to offer in trade, but it can’t hurt to try. I’m looking for a level 70 Dastardly Luck Cannon, with a Jakobs grip. Not too picky about the scope, though Vladof and Hyperion on my personal favorites.

For trade, I have a Longbow Quasar, a Lobber Four Seasons, a Swift Ol’ Painful, The Machine Corrosive Element, a Destabilizing Longest Yard (corrosive), a Social Fatale, a Skirmish Torrent (fire), a Celestial Enforcer, and a few glitch guns. All level 70.

I’m also willing to pay in sexual favors. No, not really. But I will power level as much as I am able if you have underleveled characters you want to get to 70.

I have an all Jacobs part Dastardly LC. You can have it. I always use the Two-Fer anymore. :slightly_smiling:

GT: Kurtdawg13

send me a message and I’ll respond when I get home. currently at work and won’t be home till 4pm Pacific Time.