Looking for a level 70 Luck Cannon, please

Well, after weeks upon weeks of farming EOS and Grinders, I am giving up for the moment, and hoping someone may be up for a trade. Looking for a Level 70 Luck Cannon, with either a Dastardly or Two Fer Prefix, with Jacobs, Torgue, or Maliwan Grip (least it doesn’t reduce damage). Preferably with a scope that doesn’t have much in the way of zoom (Maliwan, Dahl, or Torgue). Please note, these are preferences, but I would be willing to consider any level 70 luck cannon.

I can offer the following in trade (all level 70):

Rustler’s Flayer with Torgue Grip and Bandit Stock
Doc’s Flayer with Bandit Grip and Jacobs Stock
Laser Disker with Maliwan Stock and maliwan grip
Two-fer Maggie with Torgue Grip (no Luneshine)
Dastardly Maggie with Maliwan Grip (shield bypass luneshine)
Glitched Reactive Development (Shock, L4A4) with Tediore Grip and Torgue Stock
Thunderfire with Maliwan Grip and Dahl Stock
Dependable Shooterang with Tediore Grip
Client Focused Omni Cannon with vladof stock
Bloshy Longnail with Vladof stock

There is also a good chance I will have an assortment of Proletarian Revolutions as well since that seems to pop out of my grinding efforts about 75% of the time

I don’t really play at set times or days, so hit me up on here, and we can figure something out if anyone is out there and willing

Also have a hippocratic Morq and a blackhole

I’ll even be willing to part with my level 70 indistinguishable projection with 6 AA and 5 Company Man

I can help you out. my PSN: Sun_TsuNami

Sweeet, thanks duder. When are ya normally on? and What item or items would you like in return?

My PSN is GuyIncognito84

I’m on at night after 11 est. im interested in the shock development.

Sounds good. I will be on at that time, and have the Morq in the inventory for you

Looks like I read that wrong, I’ll have the development on me too