Looking for a little help

What’s up everybody. I finally got my Moze up to 53. I was wondering if anybody had some spare Moze gear to get me started? I would really like a Raging Bear com above all, given its going to be a while before I can even try mayhem 4. Thank you to anyone willing to help.

Gt. RavenMock3r

I def don’t have the mod but what annoint you after on gear? I’ll see what I stashed.

I’m kinda unfamiliar w/ Moze and all the best gear right now, but I think I’d like -

  • After exiting Iron Bear 125% incendiary dmg
  • ASE splash dmg
  • Or after exiting Iron Bear splash dmg

I’m actually excited to start testing the waters on a new character. Seems fun so far and I’m gonna have to start doing my homework on her.

No worries, I’ll have a look at what I got tonight.

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I’ve got some decent moze gear. I have a good lvl 50 raging bear and a crappy lvl 53 raging bear, as well as a growing list of 53 weapons. Gt is Ye olde wolf

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Thanks dude

Cool. Maybe I’ll hit you up after work tonight. I think all I really need is a couple of class mods / artifacts to get me fitted for farming and I’ll go out on my own.

I think a Bloodletter & Raging Bear and a couple weapons would suffice. I already have a decent Deathless and some decent grenades.

I think that’s all I need to get a good start on things.

Nope. Scratch that. Somebody was kind enough to hook me up w/ a Bloodletter and Raging Bear. I think I just need a couple of good guns and maybe a Front Loader shield if you have one. If not, I think I’m ready to venture out on my own.

Thanks everyone.

Just sent you a Anointed Gunner Front Loader

Awesome. Thank you so much.

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