Looking for a low level moon scraper, low level sham and low level badaboom

maybe around 50 for the sham 20~30 for badaboom(or low level purple rocket launcher) and 10~50 for the moonscraper.

ign debauchee let me know if you got any of these please

I should have one in my shift keys, 70, whats your psn and I’ll look and message you there if I still have it, (never unlocked all the loyalty rewards).

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debauchee is my psn hope you got one XD

Low level badaboom I have, lvl 32?? I think. As for the sham and the moon scraper I don’t have those. You’re welcome to my badaboom though if you still need it

32 bada should work my lvl 70 keeps killing me so anything lower is better haha

Sent you a friend request