Looking for a Lucians Call will trade

Been farming non stop for a lucians call cant seem to get it anywhere. I’m willing to trade items or money.

What lucians call are you looking for
I need a “The Transformer” shield anointed with 50% cryo dmg

I’m looking for cryo, but any would do for right now. But sadly the only transformers I have are all below level 50

i think i might have a spare cryo, no real need for a trade, just passing forward, i’ll check when i get home from work in about 4 hrs GT?

I’ve got a spare Cryo Lucians, any chance you’ve got a storm front with the 50% shock damage on ASE annoint to trade?

Really that would be great and my gamertag Cyanic 04

No sorry, but I dont really need a storm front so if I come across it will be yours

Fair enough, let me know!

Ok sent a cryo lucians call. Has a terror anointment on it

Thank you

yeah no problem, it was just being wall decor. better that some one actually uses it