Looking for a lv. 72 Ogre!

I’ve been farming for a long time for this gear and was hoping someone on here might have a spare handy. Most items I see here up for trade are for OP levels and I haven’t done those.

In exchange, I have a variety of level 72 legendaries I can offer as well as a few hard to find heads/skins:

M0t0cr0ss Marauder head for Zer0 (drops from badasses)
All Seeing Eye skin for Maya (drops from threshers)
Volcanic skin for Axton (drops from spiderants)
HOT NIPPLES HOT HOT skin for Krieg(drops from Capt. Flynt)

Thank you!!!

PSN: peek-a-pooh and I’m on Pacific Standard Time.

I can give you the hide at the very least. Have to check in my stashes if I have an ogre. I would like to have the space knight head in trade. PSN: Sun_TsuNami

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A plan B: Try gathering team of 4, hit Murderlin’s Temple and slay Warlord Slog into The King Of Orks
at end of last wave - then slay The King Of Orks for the best chance of The Ogre to drop :white_check_mark:

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There is high possibility that I have not thrown away my lv72 Orge yet, let me check too…

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That would be awesome! Tsunami hooked it up with a Hide so an Ogre would be great!

I got a lv72 Nasty Orge for you. Hope you can help my friend @Sun_Tsunami with the head he wants, thank you :slight_smile:


Just saw this! I’ll be online all night tonight. I already gave tsunami my Space Knight head. Didn’t ask for anything else. Are you interested in trading for that ogre?

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@plaidymatty do you have lovely corpse for gaige, I have all seeing eye motocross marauder and loads more rare skins and heads in chiding verm heads terra heads etc

I’m sorry, I don’t! I’ve actually never been able to spawn Vermi before as I always play solo. I’ve been spending a couple hours here and there recently trying to make it happen though.

Those are the only ‘rare’ duplicate heads/skins that I have. Otherwise, I just have other random level 72 legendary gear. But I know who to go to if I ever get that head!

Thanks you, but I need nothing now. I will give you the gun whenever we meet online :slight_smile: Psn: orange_teacher.

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That sounds awesome! Thanks so much. I’ll shoot you a friend request later tonight. My Axton thanks you as well!

Hey man, I lost my ps3 saves. Tryna level back up. Will u help me power level? If u can I REALLY appreciate it. Thanks for your time

You are welcome @plaidymatty. A friend of @sun_tsunami is also a friend of mine :slight_smile: See you soon.

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