Looking for a lvl 1 re router

I have plenty of Zane and fl4k gear for trade. Let me know what you’re looking for. I have redistributors, kybs, a bunch of stuff.

I have it. But no annoitment

@Adka1999 that’s alright with me, I’ll take it. What are you looking for?

125 fire moze redistributors

That is something I don’t have, I’m sorry. I have 100 ASE, sntnl, and I think an element ase redistributor. I don’t have much moze gear aside from a couple kybs with 160 splash, a scoville with 160 splash

What kybs? Im lookin for good 2x kybs w 160 splash.

I think both of the ones I have are x3. One with rad and corrosive and I think the other might be corrosive and shock.